Thursday, 31 March 2011

EVALUATION - Q1: Comparing Films

I have put together a picture using microsoft powerpoint of stills from our thriller movie and stills of a professional hollywood thriller movie and compared 9 shots from each to compare the two movies.

1) In the first picture from Dirty Harry of a woman in the scope of a sniper shot I compared it to the picture of kaleigh walking alone in the park from our movie FOURSQUARE and I think it is similar because it both shows the women in vulnerable positions and it also challenges thriller conventions because the level of threat top the women is very different because in ours she is not in any immediate danger but in the other she is.

2) In the second shot I chose to compare the shot of me on the roof with my silhoutte and the shot of harry hiding behind the sniper and I thought that they were similar since both of our identities are concealed well and that is typical of thriller movies because it creates suspense and it also shows power too; they're high up.

3) The third shot I wanted to compare was the shot of a landscape (london) from our movie and the shot of harry and his partner on the floor investigating a dead woman on a rooftop, there wasn't much to compare since they were very different shots but the similarities are that both shots are types of establishing shots.

4) The fourth shot I was comparing was the shot of all four scenes on screen on our movie and the shot of harry on the roof holding the sniper and they are similar in the idea that they both have a male antagonist it seems at the start and his identity is concealed but there is a major difference becuase I'm not in the shot.

5) The fourth shot I compared was of judiths feet moving and the shot of the lady in the yellow bikini walking while under sniper lens and they are smilar again because it's women in a weak position being watched and they comply with thriller conventions of women being weaker and men being in power or in control.

6) The sixth shot I decided to compare was the still image of kaleigh walking in the park and the still of harry walking in the streets of a city and the similarities I noticed were that they were both mid shots or full length shots showing people walking and the audince not knowing what they're doing yet.

7) The seventh shot that I compared was the shot of the red room in ours and the shot of harry and his partner from a high angle, the similarities are the types of shots which are people doing what they do from distance but the audience being left to think what they're doing.

8 & 9) The last two are together because they were similar, the first shots from ours were the shots of charon walking from behind and someone typing on the laptop and from Dirty Harry, the shot of the sky and the other shot of the city line, they do not challenge thriller conventions because they both are typical because they set the scene but compared to our movie they differ slightly when it comes to shots used.

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