Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Q6: Audience Feedback And Comment

We got some audience feedback on our films from other AS media members, above shows a wordle of mixed comments from our audience. We were given positive feedback along with constructive criticisms, the most common constructive criticism was that we should have used some diegetic sound rather than just music. The positive comments differed by the most common was our good and specific use of effects and overlapping shots, people liked our range of shots and match cuts. They said the music made our piece very suspenseful along with the mise en scene which created innocence, the comments  were very helpful and allowed us to experience non biased feedback.

We posted our video onto facebook and asked for truthful comments so that we could get a range of people commenting on our video- including our target audience.  Here are the comments we received from facebook from both male and female audiences,it was highly suprising as to who was actually commenting on our film. It was surprising because we originally believed our target audience is young male's prefably uni graduates, so when we discovered that teenagers were commenting on our film of both sexes we realized that our target audience may have been quite limited as it was clear to see that others- including females are attracted to our thriller. This is quite a positive, as we were not aiming to appeal to females so it is quite flattering that they want to watch it.

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