Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Thoughts about whole process

I am doing this blog because I thought it would be better if i did a new blog about the whole editing, filming and the experience of making a movie in the middle of the process so that later on i can see how far i came from the start and also i think it's better if i have a blog that is not quantity only but also quality meaning that it is an accurate reflection on what is happening in the process right now in real time instead of at the end or just a the beginning. The image on top is of a thriller movie it sums up what the whole thing we are doing is. So far the movie making process is going well. We have filmed everything so far but we had some setbacks because we had to re film everything since it was out of focus, we took that as a lesson and then we improved it, now we are editing the movie now and we done our  cuts to meet the deadline and now we are almost finished except for the music and the titles. i am happy with the work being done.

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