Monday, 21 March 2011

Editing Process Thoughts.

We are currently in the process of editing of our Thriller Film Foursquare. In the first week we have been dominantly using Final Cut Pro, the rough cut of our film shows some of the glitches we are facing. At first we thought our footage would be too long and boring, so we have stuck to our idea of split screening and it has sped up our footage.
We intend to add many effects too, we're going to fade images into another and hopefully our split screen will come out clear and accurate. We are finding it a little difficult to match up the footage to make sure it's not too fast paced and that the shots don't move too quickly. So in our Rough Cut we can see shots that need slowing down to make sense. We have decided to change the split screening a little and only split the screen to make certain parts of the film stand out. Such as at the start when all the girls arrive at their destinations, we want this to be shown simultaneously to emphasise that they are all linked to our main character shown at the beginning. Also, we have shown the message being received simultaneously and the reactions of the girls to create a bigger effect and make it more interesting.

Now that all our footage is on the timeline, I am looking forward to adding sounds and titles and touching up our editing to finalise our film!

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