Tuesday, 29 March 2011

EVALUATION Question one: Art of the Title Sequence Comparison

Here is a comparison between a Hollywood movie, DIRTY HARRY and our media thriller. This opening is very similar to ours in many ways, such as the protagonist looking smart and having that certain suspicious and masterful aspect about him.

In the second shot the woman is the swimming pool is being watched which is similar to our thriller and the way that the female character seems vulnerable and oblivious towards what is yet to come. 

The establishing shot of the city where the man is positioned to the right of the shot makes the man look powerful and in control just like our opening where the protagonist looks upon the city and is also positioned to the right of the frame so that the viewer can take in two things at the same time, The protagonist and the setting. 

In DIRTY HARRY their prop used for killing is a gun and there fore there is a close up of it whereas with our opening the key prop is the technology used like the mobile phones and laptops. 

The titles stand out from the screen and are bold with a shadow which makes the opening look more manly and striking. With our thriller the font is also bold and stands out against the often lighter background.

Our thriller follows the conventions of the real media product of DIRTY HARRY in the sense that the male is the dominant figure who is suspicious and the woman is the vulnerable antagonist being watched.

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