Thursday, 17 March 2011

Editing Sound And The Changes

We had a main idea for our sound. As the plot revolves around the sending of messages on technology, we thought it would be a good idea if the music would be fast and intense. This music worked very well for Sifan's scene on the roof but it didn't work well with the rest of the scenes. Here are some screen grabs of the music we first had planned for the thriller.
On soundtrack pro, the track was called 'Adrenalin electronica medium and short'. We also used 'disoriented' but realised that it didn't work with the other track we made us come to the conclusion to change the sound completely.

We looked for music on the internet and came across a video which had various mysterious sounds. As we could not use the track on Soundtrack pro, we had to edit it on final cut pro. At first it was a bit tricky because we didn't know where everything was but then we got the hang of it and was even easier than Soundtrack!

Here is a screen grab of the editing of of the sound using final cut pro. the music for the film we found was called Royalty free collection-Suspense & Mystery Vol.1

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