Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Editing Process

We took many screen grabs to capture our editing process. At this stage, we are using Final Cut Pro to the best of our ability's to ensure we have no continuity errors and that our footage runs smoothly and it looks good on the big screen. We will sample some music and use Live Type and Sound to add sound and titles to our final piece. These two screen grabs are from editing the park scene and the train stations scene.

Here is the screen grab of our editing using the split screen. To make this work we had to overlap clips and re size them on our timeline. This involved cutting some clips in half and extending other so that they would all be in sync and the timing is correct. This is a difficult process but it will help shorten our film and make our footage much more exciting. Overall, finally splitting the screen was a very fun challenge and we will be editing it closely so it can have a great turnout!

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