Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Extra shots!

We want to use many different shots in four square, we wanted tension to build with the differen't types of shots we took. On location we often took extra shots from what we had on our storyboard, the reason for this is that if we went out and we saw a potential shot we would film it as an extra to our storyboard. We had over 30 shots on our storyboard which we thought would be enough, however we infact used extra shots that weren't on our storyboard onto our thriller opening.

The extra shots turned out to work very well as they were shots we created rather than shots we had designed, it shows our creativity because it shows we have a 'camera mans eye' and can pick up shots that we felt would suit the atmosphere of our opening. Some of these shots include a low angle CU of the male character with the sun beaming down on him to create a silhouette image. Another example is the ECU of the 'girl in the park's' hand.

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