Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Editing Process

Here are a few screen grabs of the making of FOURSQUARE.

This is the making of the split screen which we use a number of times throughout the triller. With these we had to set the clip as a image and wireframe then make it smaller and place this wherever we wanted it to go. We had to do this with every clip but once we got the hang of it it wasn't so bad. We actually thought it would be much more complicated than it really was. On the time line we ad to put one clip on top of the other especially for this section. In this particular screen grab there was more than one clip in each square so we had to resize both the clips so that they would be in sync for example when kaleigh walks down the stairs there is two shot of her, one from behind walking down and another of her from the front walking towards the table.

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