Sunday, 13 March 2011

Character Stereotypes!

We wanted our characters to be the reason suspense builds, we wanted to add to the suspense by using music. However, when it came to character it was crucial we made stereotypical characters to create more suspense and vulnerability towards the female characters.

This characters black clothing makes him look solid and bold, the baggy jacket makes him look muscular adding to his character strength. We felt his black costume typically created suspense and mystery, giving him an edge towards his character.

We then contrasted the character in the dark clothing with the 4 victims who were all in bright clothing in bright settings. The bright white washed bedroom works well with the pale and innocence of the first character. The character at the train station looks professional and knows her surroundings well adding to the suspense of her confusion when she receives the message.  The character in the cafe is placed in front of bright lights which created terrific mise en scene giving her a bright character stance. The character in the park is surrounded by nature and bright scenery giving her also a bright character stance, these all contrast with the dark male character who is looking out onto a miserable London day.

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