Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Q1 - Our Media Product

Aspects of Intertextuality.

 1. Here is a shot similar to ours in the title sequence of Se7en. The shot in Se7en is closer up and blurred,however in our shot like this you become more aware of the Mise en Scene and can gain some of the surrounding and settings of the characters.

 2. This shot resembles the one in the title sequence of se7en. We felt that having our text on a black background would make it stand our more.

3. We conventionally put our title in white bold letters on a black background rather then over the action to really make the title clear and stand out. This is commonly used by other thrillers films as it effective and a clear and basic way to show the title of the film.

 4. We opened our sequence with an establishing shot to set the scene. This follows the conventional forms of media products, as an establishing shot is an obvious and easy way to set the scene, time and atmosphere by the use of an establishing shot. We felt this would enable our audience to automatically know about th setting, rather than trying to figure it out for themselves. So in this show we ensured to capture popular buildings in London.

 5. Here is two shots that slightly resemble our eachother. However, our shot is unconventional, we decided to get a birds eye view shot of the character reading to create the idea that she is being watched from all angles, thus creating tension.

 6. We used felt this shot was suitable and worked well because its different and the angles are good. This show is quite close and unusual, which follows conventional style of shots for thrillers.
 7. We used a variety of shots, so this close up shot of the book resembles the one used in Se7en.
8.  We merged images to link scenes together, in this screen grab it represents that the characters are linked. This is an unconventional tecnique that we felt would work well with our film, it challenges the forms of real media products, however we felt it was relevant in creating an idea of what our Thriller was about in the opening.
   9.  Here is another shot of a merged image, however this one is in the same scene. We felt it was suitable and clever way to express the characters point of view show by merging it with his face. We felt this was a conventional shot and is used in other thriller films. It creates suspense and tenson, as wella s appealing to the audience with the great effect.  

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