Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Q2 - How does your media product represent particular social groups?

We were very inspired by the opening shot of Donnie Darko and used a similar style when opening our Thriller film. We felt the shot established the setting and the Mise en Scene of the characters, dressed in all black, suggests he is the antagonist and the Thriller revolves around his actions. This shot also creates mystery about the character as we don't see his face straight away.

Similarities: Both are the main antagonists and the story revolves around them. The shot from the back hides the characters identity and creates suspense and tension. Similarly to Donnie Darko, both characters are plagued by something, in our case the link the character has with the girls which causes him to send the change message.
Differences: In Donnie Darko he commits crimes as he is plagued by images of bunny rabbits. Also, he escapes an accident and survives, unlike our character who wasn't involved in any accident. In our Thriller, our character messes with his victims psychologically rather than physically. So there is little blood and graphic violence. 

We were also inspired by some shots used in Collateral. This close up of Jamie Fox is used to show his expression, emotion and reaction to another characters, which is what we were trying to convey with our shot of myself. It shows my reaction and suggests I am an protagonist in this, similarly to the shot in Collateral. Although the mise en scene in both shots are very different, that adds to the audience we were trying to reach, its shows it is not the same audience as Collateral and the film is quite fast paced and action packed as it it shot in a car. However, in a train station the scene is much slower and calmer, another way of creating suspense.
Similarities: Both characters are involved in the actions of others, they are the protagonists. Close up shots are used to show their emotions and reactions to the actions, and they are represented as the good guys.
Differences: In Collateral, the protagonist is male, and represented as an innocent passerby. However, through out the film the character changes, becomes more confident and is involved in the action and drama. Thus changing his role as a character.

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