Monday, 14 March 2011

Production - Research We Did

In creating FourSquare there was some research and tasks we had to do to make sure everything made sense and worked well.We had to create a hotmail and facebook account of this unknown character so that we could show the message sender and really create mystery and confusion of the characters. We also had to come up with a tricky and enticing chain message to send around to arouse the theme of the film. In doing so, we researched common chain messages and eventually we were able to use help from them to create a good and suitable chain message.

You are like a four leaf clover;
Hard to find and lucky to have...

Send this to 15 people in 5 minutes.. or you will pay for what you did, your computer, phone, laptop or whatever device you received this message on will turn off, and dissappear from this world like you...

The use of colour helped certain words stand out. The red connotes danger and we felt was most suitable for the last line of the chain which is mostly ignored by people. We used yellow as the colour is associated with luck and the green as it is associated with plants. We thought even these little details would add to the impact of the message on the characters and audience.

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