Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Q1: In What Ways Does Your Media Product Use, Develop Or Challenge Forms And Conventions Of Real Media Products?

 Our Thriller has a similar title sequence to the film 'Dirty Harry' below is 9 shots of this film and 9 shots of our thriller. 

The Similarites: One of our first shots was of a prop which was our films weapon- the male character's phone, whilst 'Dirty Harry' shows the gun- their weapon.  

Another similarity comes with 'Dirty Harry's second shot- the antagonist being victimized. The female is being watched and has a vulnerable status, in our opening the females appear to be being watched and are also made to look vulnerable. 

We also- like 'Dirty Harry' have a lot of shots in the opening of our protagonist to create suspense and intrigue. 

Another similarity is the establishing shot they use of Clint Eastwood on a rooftop looking down towards the view. We to use this shot of our male character on a rooftop looking out onto London- as if he was watching his victims.

'Dirty Harry' uses match cuts and close ups of key props in the opening. We also use this as we film close ups of the phone screens and computer screens. 
'Dirty Harry' ends its title sequence with a side shot of Clint Eastwood, as you can see below our final shot in our opening sequence is a side shot of our male character, we have used a suspicious character however our is dressed in all in black whilst 'Dirty Harry' uses a suit to create their suspicion. We also place our titles over the film and next to the characters which is also used by 'Dirty Harry'. 

We use differences also, such as our font is only 'black' whilst 'Dirty Harry' uses a mix of both yellow and red, however both openings use big bold text. The mise en scene differs and this is because the story line is different so different props, location and setting is used. We also based our shots on what we felt worked to build atmosphere so these also differ from 'Dirty Harry' 

Our opening uses the forms and conventions of 'Dirty Harry' but they are slightly changed to form our own work. Our thriller is conventional because it follows the typical themes of a thriller, from drawing up the comparisons from Dirty Harry we can see the similarity's between our thriller and with 'Dirty Harry's'. 
We have used intertextuality of real media products as we have borrowed aspects of 'Dirty Harry'

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