Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Mishaps & Process

This is just another blog becuase I want to keep updated, I find that it's better to blog randomly to show the progress that i'm making through the whole process, so this is just to highlight the mistakes we made so far and how we have managed to work around them or bypass them.
When making a movie many problems can arise, and so far we have experienced our share of them, but over all we have worked really hard as a team and especially the rest of my team that did most of the editing while I made the storyboard and did the filming for one key shot and also help out with the research. We have had many problems along the way, first of all the major problem being the time we had to do this which in fact was really short and it taught us a lesson, the next problem was the acctuall filming and various location changes that had to be made to fit around our individual schedules.

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