Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Thoughts On Movie

I'm in the process of just thinking of ideas and things for the movie and i'm trying to link it to thriller movies in general, I started looking at movies that are like ours to get some more inspiration, this helps me because now I can imagine what each character is going to be like.

This is a picture from the movie Sex and the city, even though it has not much to do with our movie, it does tell me how women are portraye din movies and i'm going to use that in our movie because I think it may be important in developing the characters who are mainly female in our movie.

This second picture is to show the type of clothes the main character is going to be wearing, it is all balck and that is a typical thriller movie aspect because it is a drak colour for the antagonist of the movie who is a male and has all the power agaianst the powerless women.

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