Wednesday, 9 March 2011


I have been researching Final Cut Pro and I found that quite a few major movies have been edited using the Final Cut Pro Software! The Simpsons movie, Disney's Enchanted and Happy Feet are a few examples of this. Recent films such as Eat,Prey, love and the Social Network along with worldwide classics such as The Curious Case Of Benjamin button have also used final cut pro to edit their movies. This made me feel very positive about the editing process as successful films have been edited using the same software we are using. 

I played strong attention to 'The ring' as this is a horror/thriller that also used final cut pro to edit, I did this because this opening was also made to build tension. I like the way they used a clip before the titles came in, they used stylized titles on a black screen. The highly stylized editing is inspirational as I did not no that we could achieve this with final cut!

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