Monday, 14 March 2011

Production Process: Notes

In the production process we took many things into consideration. When filming we made sure our main character Sifan was dressed in all black to symbolically represent a dark, hidden identity. We also felt the colour black conveys mystery and is stereotypically used to represent the bad guy.

The character of our other characters were not big choices that we made, all the other girls are wearing casual everyday clothes as they have been caught in our their everyday life so we didn't want to dress them for a certain occasion. We also took into consideration the Mise en Scene of our new locations. The Diner restaurant has great mise en scene with great art on the wall, and the seating is very modern and appropriate. We chose to base all our characters in such different places to represent their different personalities and the type of people they are.Our character in the park is seated at a bench doing work, around the park there is animals so we ensures we captured them to add to our mise en scene.Other parts we looked at were important mise en scene in the bedroom such as dressing gowns, desks and mirror shots to add to the environment.

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