Monday, 14 March 2011

Production - Big Changes

After going out for the filming weekend in February we made a very silly mistake. Unfortunately we shot all of our footage without focusing first so some of our shots were out of focus. To be on the safe side we re booked all the equipment and went out filming again, with new locations and some new ideas.
In a way, this mistake was a change for the better, we realised that some of our ideas could be changed to become even better. We had bad cinematography choices when planning on shooting all of our characters from behind to hide their identities, however we later realised this would not entice and capture our audience. So we decided to shoot from all angles and realised we had much more freedom with this choice.
There were other things that we changed with our new beginning:
  1. No shooting characters from the back. Show all identities to entice and entertain our audience from the beginning.
  2. Always focus before filming to avoid any silly rushed mistakes!
  3. To get rid of flashbacks. We didn't want to squash too many things in the beginning of our thriller and we felt the flashbacks were cheesy and unnecessary.
  4. Instead of flashbacks we decided to create a basic atmosphere and shoot our characters doing something before receiving the chain message. EG. Putting on mascara in their bedroom. This works better as it is more realistic and can be done at a better standard then flashbacks.
  5. Focused closely on Mise en scene and character appearance. EG. No hoods up.
All these changes helped us create a better version of our thriller opening and we feel that it will be a great success. The mistakes we made really opened our eyes to the more effective way we can make our thriller.

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