Monday, 21 March 2011


 editing, we decided to take screen grabs so we could post onto our blog the different stages and techniques we used throughout the editing of our thriller opening.

This picture shows us placing all of our clips onto the timeline in chronological order so we could see what clips we were using, at this stage we hadn't fully cut the clips as we were just producing a rough time line. The canvas and viewer show us the clip we have selected and the clip we last viewed. The toolbox in the far right corner is also shown in this clip, so far the most frequent tool used in this bar has been the razor to cut clips. 

Here are the final clips being placed onto the time line, we had previously put these clips together and now we had decided we wanted to move these final clips. The highlight tool was used so we could move all of the clips at the same time rather than individually moving them all.  In this picture you can also see that we have cut the clips and taken out the parts of each clip that we didn't need.  

Another skill we used during our initial editing process was the skill of the overlap, here you can see the two clips we wanted to overlap. We used a tool that allowed us to play with the transparency of a clip to merge one into the other, you can see in our rough cut the first overlap/merges that we used- however these still need to be edited more. 

Finally we used the skill of split screening, we used the image and wire frame tool to do this and below is our first split screen. We are going to experiment with these more and decide where else to use them to build the most tension. 

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