Saturday, 19 March 2011

Character Research

We looked through many different actor and actresses and realised that we are not going for big Hollywood stars to be in our movies. Our films are from small, British production companies so we have looked into British actors to star in our thriller.

We were mainly looking at stars who feature in small British films and soap operas as we thought they are more suitable, less expensive and more likely and realistically to star in our work. So here are some images of the sort of characters we were looking at.

Tiana Benjamen is a young, British actress best known for her role as Chelsea in Eastenders.

  We gained inspiration for our characters names by merging some of Hollywood's greatest stars. So we can up with names like Eva Fox and Brandon Freeman

megan-foxIt would have been great to have Hollywood actors star in our film. but as a low budget British Production Company we think it would be very difficult to obtain such stars. However, I believe our Thriller may have done well in America, as it revolves around young people, it isn't as common as other Thrillers and it explores the mass of technology which may be appealing to a wider target audience.

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