Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Editing: Using Soundtrack and Final Cut Pro

Here is a screen grab of us editing on Final Cut Pro. Here we are merging two images together to create the effect that the two scenarios are related.

Here is a screen grab of us adding sound to our thriller opening using Live type Sound. We are using eerie, dismal music to create a sinister effect and to add suspense.

Here we are editing the sound out of Kaleighs scene. We are editing this scene to add sinister soundtrack to the fade in of Sifan. This will link the two scenes and suggest that something is wrong. 

Another screen grab of us editing the music to tie into the idea that Sifan is the one who is sending the text. The music will effectively show that without obviously shooting Sifan with the phone, that he is some how linked to these girls and it is him who sends the text. We felt we needed to edit this in so that our footage isn't too long and it helps build tension. We did not want to give too much away by using the footage of Sifan sending the text, as we want our audience to be able to guess this for themselves. These editing clues will allow our audience to use their mind and not be passive and just accept everything they have been shown. Our audience are going to be young, intellectual people who enjoy thrillers and mystery.

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