Sunday, 20 March 2011

Research on Actors

Right now i'm trying to find people that can play the roles for our movie, and i have been researching people that could fit the bill but i'm having trouble becuase every person on the lsit so far is a major hollywood actor or actress and our movie is an independent company made film so it won't include anyone reall famous.

These two hollywood actors are the ones I wanted to use for our movie but they are too high profile for our movie so i have to do some more research to find people that are form the UK and would be willing to work in our movie so I have to be much more realistic but it's a learning curve.

This is an extract from youtube that highlights the problems facing bitish movie makers, This director Noel Clark is the type of people that would be working on our movies were it to be made into a big movie for the UK.

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