Thursday, 24 March 2011

Editing using SoundTrackPro

Here are a few shots of the actual editing process. We are doing some further editing of Sifans scene using Final Cut Pro here. We decided we wanted to merge some images together to create bigger impact and make the opening more catchy and grab the audiences interest with our good effects.
Here are a few clips of us editing using Soundtrack Pro. I personally found soundtrack quite difficult to use. and after sampling down some of the tracks we decided to use Adrenalin Electronica Medium. This track was quite rock and we wanted to open with it to show Sifans dominance and lead role in the thriller. However, after some contemplation we realised that the rocky, edgy soundtrack didn't suit the clips of the other characters we had.

So we wanted to change the music several times throughout but then we realised that would be quite messy and not as effective. So we searched online to find a suitable soundtrack to convey the meaning of our thriller and to create tension without being out of place and not suiting the characters.
So finally, we used a track from YouTube called Royal Free Music Collection.
The track is slightly calmer but still suspenseful, which suits the opening of our Thriller as it is not action packed and bloody, it is too peaceful in the attempt to suggest its a psychological Thriller.

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