Thursday, 17 March 2011

Mise En Scene!

 Our Mise En Scene was crucial for creating an atmosphere during our Thriller opening, at first we had the landscape shot of London. The mise en scene for this shot clarified the location, we chose to have our character looking out towards the view, this shows he is looking down on his victims. We wanted to show his sinister side with him imitating an eagle watching his prey.

The Mise En Scene for the girls scenes had to clarify things about who they are, we don't get to hear the girls voices or see their family during the opening, so the Mise En Scene in their scenes should link to who they are.  The bedroom had to be sophisticated, bright and white to connote vulnerability, the use of mascara in this scene also connotes the sophistication of girl number 1. In the train station, we meet a professional looking girl who has a confident face, the Mise En Scene of the train station shows her professional status and the book shows her intelligence.

Next, we enter the cafe which is all red and lit up, I particularly like the Mise En Scene in this cafe because it is not a typical greasy spoon. This Mise En Scene gives girl number 3 a sophisticated persona, her apple mac laptop gives us the impression that she has money and she is quite a middle class female visiting a classy coffee shop. Finally, the girl in the park comes across as intelligent as she is doing her work in an environment quite different from the male characters 'hussle and bussle' view of London

Our Mise En Scene introduces our audience to each of our characters background which makes their link to the male character more distant and therefore more tensional.

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