Sunday, 20 March 2011


We used intertextuality from other thrillers to create more suspense in our own thriller, below is the uses we used and why we used them. 

 We used Donnie Darko's establishing shot with a pan of the view. They used a mountainous area whilst we used London City, making our shot unique. We also had our character to the side of the frame whereas in Donnie Darko their character was in center of the frame.

The bedroom we used was similarly linked to the one used in 'What Lies Beneath' we used a white washed bedroom which let in natural light. It connoted innocence as it was a young, female's bedroom, the bedroom in 'What Lies Beneath' is also a white washed room.

We also borrowed aspects from 'The shining' they used a birds eye view to start with to make the car look like a target. In our piece we used a number of shots to suggest these 4 girls are being watched, we took this idea from 'The Shining' but we then made it our own by making the girls look targeted in a number of shots, not a birds eye view.

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