Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Watching Documentary: MY RESPONSE.

The watching documentary was a very useful thing to watch, it was aimed at the opening of movies and more specifically- THRILLER MOVIES. Since our task is to create an opening to a thriller watching this documentary helped us significantly.

1) Thomas Sutcliffe stresses that the opening to a movie is crucial, with the opening we need to draw our audience into wanting to watch the rest of the movie. The opening is the first few minutes were an audience can see the skills and effort that should foreshadow the whole movie, if the opening is dull- the audience will leave.
2) I also learnt the risk of 'instant arousal'  a French director Jean Jacques Beineix states that with instant arousal it brings an instant climax. From this you must answer the climax and still be able to bring tension, this is risky because if you provide instant arousal the rest of  the movie could drift off and no more tension is built.
3) Finally, I learnt that the opening needs to not be to revealing. It needs to establish the given facts such as the setting, characters and genre but it mustn't give to much away. It could have subtle hints of what is going to happen later on but it mustn't be to revealing otherwise there is no point in the audience watching the rest of the movie.

This documentary taught me a few key skills in producing and making a thriller opening, I can take these skills onboard and use them to create a successful or even a 'classic'  thriller film opening.

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