Sunday, 23 January 2011

Introduction to Editing

In media class so far we have started to use the cameras and already filmed our first trial movie to get used to the tools we will need in the acctual movie we are going to be making. We are using a program called final cut pro which is a software available on the Mac pcs we use to edit our movies. I have some prior experience of using video editing softwares but i am not familiar with this particular one, but we got a tutorial on how to use this program:

- I learnt how to add clips from my hard drive to the program and then delete, cut, order and move around the clips that we have to make our movie.

- I learnt how to use transitions to make the movie more interesting from scene to scene so that it flows better than the same cuts everytime.

- We also learnt how to add titles to our movies and much more skills that we can use to edit our movies to the way we want them.

This is what Final Cut Pro looks like and this is the program we are using:

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