Sunday, 9 January 2011


Intertextuality is a term used to describe the visual referencing between films whereby films literally "borrow" from eachother. You may recognise certain camera angles, snippets of sounds, methods of editing and aspects of mise en scene that you have seen in others. 

We watched the iconic shower scene from Pyscho and then watched three other scenes from different films to identify the "borrowed" asepcts from Pyscho. In What Lies Beneath a man brings a dead woman upstairs and puts her in the bath, whereby he runs water and talks to her. This scene uses similar aspects of Pyscho as similarly the woman is the victim, high angle camera shots are used of her in the bathtub and this suspenseful scene is set in the bathroom, in the bath which is reflects Pyscho.

 In Fatal Attraction a man sneaks into a house and attacks a woman where they brutally fight with eachother all over the house. This scene resembles parts of Pyscho as some of the violence takes place in the bathroom, however the woman attempts to attack the man with a knife which switches the roles in Psycho. Although when the woman attacks, the sound of the attack is heightened similarly in Pyscho and the shadowy lighting and mise en scene is also used.

In The Stepfather the man chases a woman upstairs into the bathroom where he kicks down the door, tries to stab her but he is stabbed by her with a sharp piece of mirror. This scene mirrors part of the iconic Pyscho scene as once again the action takes place in the bathroom. In addition, the man uses the same weapon, a knife to brutally murder the woman, however things change when the woman is able to attack the man first. 

The final clip we watched was a student thriller called Succubus. IN this clip, a girl comes in whilst a young man is taking a shower and stabs him. I beleive this clip resembles Pyscho the most, as it follows the idea of being stabbled in the shower. Howeverm in this case the young man is the victim. Similarly to Pyscho  there is suspenseful non diegetic music used before the attack, the deigetic sound of the shower is used in the background and close up shots of the victims body parts are shown. The mise en scene resembles Pyscho from the knofe, to the blood all over the bathroom.

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