Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Font Analysis

There are two types of  main fonts used in movies generally, they both mean something different and usually the director chooses them carefully to convey a certain messge before the people even watch the movie so they have an idea. A font can tell many things about a movie and we have been studyin them in class too.
I have chosen to analyse the font of a classic movie "The Godfather". This movie is a classic crime/gangster movie and very well known, but apart from that it's font can tell us a bit about the movie even without us having to know what it's about yet. What the font tells me is that it is very powerful image and what makes it different to other movie titles is that it has an image on it as well as the title which tells us a bit more info. The background is black and the title is written in bold white letters that tells us it is important and also the image is of a hand holding a puppet holder which tells us the movie: that the godfather has got everyone on a string like he is the puppet master and he conrols the whole thing. And also the writing is not spaced out it's tightly put together which could also mean that he has got a tight grip on everyone.

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