Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Font Analysis

We learnt the importance of fonts, there are two types of fonts:
  • Serif Fonts - such as Times and Courier that are generally much more traditional fonts. It usually connotes formality and seriousness.
  • Sans Serif Fonts - 'Sans' literally means without Serif and these are fotns such as 
    Comic Sans and Ariel. Sans Serif fonts usually connote informality, common, modern more 'friendly' fonts.

In class we analysed two DVD covers, Pearl Harbor and Rocky.

We looked closely at the fonts of the titles, Pearl Harbor is written in Serif font. This is significant as it is a quite classical, nicely spaced out title all written in capital letters. The font connotes that this is a historical movie and the capital letters refleccts the positions of the characters in the film, it expresses regimentation and order. The film is about an event of major importance involving the Us Army/Military, therefore this traditional, serious font it suitable. This film is probably aimed at people who read The Times newspaper such as older, more educated males.
                      When looking at the font used in the Rocky cover we noticed that the font is Sans Serif. The font itself is big, round and bold which reflects Rockys image as a huge, pwoerful man. However, Sans Serif is often recognised as a feminine font, much more curvy and softer. This reflects the storyline of Rocky, as it suggests there is realism behind this hard man, and that he still shares emotion, as the image of him holdin hands signifies love. The letters are tight together, this acts as though the font is almost 'punching' through the page as it appears they dont fit.

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