Saturday, 22 January 2011

Introduction to cameras

In our media lesson we had an expert come in to teach us how to use the very expensive cameras that we were going to use for our media thriller movie openings. I learnt all the safety precautions and how to operate the camera:

- how to put the camera on the tripod properly
- how to use the focus (not auto focus but manual)
- not to touch any of the preset settings
- how to adjust the camera for optimum screen

We got to use the camera for our bag swap after we learnt how to use it properly. EXTENSION: we are planning in our groups to use some shots that we saw in the extracts of the thriller movies to create suspense and tension. For example we are going to use low angle shots to show power.

This is an excellent exaple from "Inglorious Bastards" the movie of a low angle shot showing people in power, we want to incorporate these types of shots in our movies.

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