Friday, 21 January 2011

Intro To Editing: SKILLS..

For editing we are using the MAC's and a highly compatible software- final cut pro, I also used this software for GCSE. But, in Alevel we are looking into this programme in depth and making sure we are editing our films to the best of final cut pro's ability. We filmed a bag swap and then edited it, as seen below with screen grabs; these are the new skills I learnt whilst editing:

  • I learnt how to adjust the timeline, so that I can make it shorter when viewer then longer when looking in detail of what to cut and what not to. 
  • I learnt that the viewer and canvas boxes were to view what we have edited and to add to what we had edited. 
  • I learnt how to find the toolbox and what certain aspects of the tool box enabled us to do; like the razor blade which literally allowed us to cut our clips.
  • I also learnt how to add minimalistic text to a clip and also how to change the positioning of this text.
  • We got to experiment with different transitions like dissolves and fades and when each transition would fit into a genre. 
Practicing using Final Cut Pro has made me feel more confident when editing my own thriller, I have learnt many new skills that I didn't previously learn. Now that I know these skills and now that my group know these skills we can work together to produce a highly edited thriller. 

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