Saturday, 8 January 2011

Collateral Suspense Analysis

The movie Collateral is a movie filled with suspensful moments that keep the viewer on the edges of their seats. There is a lot of actiona and also long pauses that build tension, it is a perfect mix of action-packed thriller and calm negotiation scenes that make an excellent movie.

In our media lesson we had to identify three scenes that we found to be the most suspensul in the whole movie. Although there were many scenes that were filled with tension I have found three that stand out.
The first scene i found was the scene where an unknown man falls from a house balcony onto Max's taxi. In this scene Max is sitting in his taxi waiting for his passenger (tom cruise) outside a housing complex in the back alley. the music is calm and relaxing in the scene and nothing seems out of the ordinary as Max prepares to eat his sandwich. Suddenly almost out of the blue this almost scerene environmentet is disturbed with a loud bang that comes from a man's body falling onto his taxi. This scene is especially effective at creating shock because the audience is lead into believing everything is normal and then that happens.
The second scene that i identified is the chase scene outside the hospital, which takes place after Max steals the hitman's briefcase and makes a run for it and his passenger is in hot pirsuit. The scene is very effective in creating a very exciting confrontation becuase the music is really fast paced and the camera shots are from many angles and cut from max to the passenger to create the speedy chase effect. The last scene that is a good example of suspense is the crash scene where max gets more and more irritated by his passenger and gives up and so decides to crash the car. Thie scene builds massive tension because the audience can see Max is angry through his facial expressions but we don't know exactly what he's going to do.

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