Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Structure Of Openings

In the thriller genre we are studying in media we saw many clips of openings and we learnt the names of each opening types and there are four main ones that are common in movies especially in thrillers for an effect.

Stylized editing: The Taking of Pelham 123 is very different to other types of openings because it is very fast paced and is intertwined with the music so it coincides with it fluidly too. The music matched what is on screen, fast rap music and the images move fast like trains on the track: a clever technique.

There are many types of opening and they are very common in movies and especially in thriller movies, they are not there by mistake they are there to give a certain amount of information on the movie. ]
Titles over black screen, followed by the narrative openingA discrete title sequenceA narrative opening with the titles running throughout
All three of these are common in movies but the stylized editing is a specific type of editing which is relatively new.

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