Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Title Sequence: Marathon Man

In our group we looked at the title sequence of Marathon Man, above is the whole opening which also has the title sequence at the start.

The title sequence started at 0.00 and ended at 3:02 in between this time the titles were placed in priority. The first two titles to come up was the Paramount clip which has become an iconic start for all Paramount movies, next A Robert Evans & Sidney Beckerman Production was next; these two titles coming right at the start indicate there importance, but they also indicate that the movie is about to start.

We are then introduced to the list of actors from 0.46 then, in the middle of the sequence at 1.01 the title finally comes into screen. It was good to see the title placed in the middle of the sequence because it showed me how our group could play about with were we think the title could be placed. From 1.24 to the end the co-starring and production team are listed. At the end we are once again introduced to the Director's name John Schlesinger as we are at the start. This title sequence was good to look at in detail because it showed us that we could list our titles in order of importance or in a order we feel works better. Marathon Man's title was slow paced, which indicates a scary/thriller vibe for this film, we could also play with the tempo and fonts of our titles to add to the effect of our Thriller.

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