Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Collateral Suspense Analysis

Collateral had many suspenseful moments throughout the film to engage and entice its audience. We were given the task to identify three scenes in the movie which we found were very suspenseful. I think the opening of the film which shows a bag exchange was very suspenseful. The tension was created by the orchestral non diegetic soundtrack, and the sounds of the hustle and bustle of the airport helped give off a sense of rush and urgency. The sound of the collide is amplified and many close up shots are shown of the actors so we can see their facial expressions and the tension between them. There are shots from a distance with legs walking past the camera which is effective in creating a busy environment and the idea that their exchange is not obvious.

Another suspenseful moment in the film was when an angry looking man arrives in a house looking for someone. the editing was much faster and quick cuts were used to create urgency. The non diegetic music was rocky and upbeat and the camera angles were slightly tilted, also there were weapons in the scene which automatically creates tension and fear. 

A third suspenseful moment in the film was when two men were conversing in a dark room. Tension was created by the close up shots which showed the characters change in emotion. The non diegetic music changed also, become quite spooky and sincere and shot reverse shots was used. The editing in this scene was also fast paced at times, which built suspense.

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