Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Font Analysis: RESEARCH

There are two types of fonts used in title sequences and the font that is used for a film is carefully designed to match the film.

Serif Fonts: Such as Times and Courier- they are often described as traditional fonts and are often much more formal that Sans Serif Fonts.

Sans Serif Fonts: Such as Ariel and Comic Sans- these fonts are often more informal and modern, and are often used in Girlie circumstances- like in Magazines.

SERIF FONT USED IN: Pearl Harbor... ->
The classical font used in pearl harbor is a serif font which has been designed specifically to match this film. The CAPS and tall, lined up font connotes a regimental style- just like the men in the army. The font is mature and appeals towards older audiences- just like the film does. The font looks historical, like its something from the past, Pearl Harbor uses it font to represent its characters and style of movie and audience.

The sans serif font used in Rocky also represents the film and type of character Rocky is. The big bold font which is just like the hard image Rocky makes himself out to be, is contrasted with the real Rocky who is a big softie, hence the holding of the girlfriends hand. Sans Serif fonts are often used in girls mags and the font for Rocky is showing the bold interior with his soft exterior.  The text is also packed very tight and almost looks clenched to the sides, it symbolizes a clenched fist trying to breakthrough.

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