Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Font Analysis

The film poster is one of the most important things to a film as it says a lot about what the film is going to be like. We learnt that there are two different types of fonts:

Serif Fonts 
This type of font includes the traditional Times New Roman and Courier which have the little stroke at the end of every letter to give the text a more formal and serious feel

Sans Serif Fonts
This type of font, meaning 'without' in French, doesn't have the extra stroke on the end which gives the font a more modern and relaxed feel. Some fonts include Arial and Verdana

We looked at example of movie posters that used both Serif and Sans Serif fonts and the analysed what they meant.

We looked at the poster for 'Rocky' which was a very good example of Sans Serif font. The font is round big and bold just like the character of Rocky. this font was chosen for that so that the before you even see that film the font punches out at you that's why in the poster it looks like the font is about to burst out the image. Sans Serif fonts are normally associated with females and the reason why this font was chosen was to show that Rocky is actaully soft on the inside despite his tough exterior. 

Pearl Harbour being the example of Serif fonts, is classical and old fashioned, everything the film is. Instead of have the font as 'Pearl Harbour' they have all the letters in capitals as there is more of an impact, like a newspaper headline. Big, Serious and important. Because this film is of such a historical event it simply wouldn't do it justice and would look understated. The font is a more historical and military type font which appeals to the more sophisticated.

With the introduction to different types of fonts, it has given me more of an insight of which different fonts work for different films and has now given more of a clear idea as to which kind of font to use for my thriller and what it is that I want to portray with it. 

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