Sunday, 23 January 2011

Marathon Man Title Sequence

As each group was given a clip to watch our group watch Marathon Man, the 1967 thriller starring Dustin Hoffman, Roy Scheider and Laurence Olivier. We had to look at what point each title came up and annotate it and this is what out sheet looked like:

The title sequence lasted 3:02 minutes and that included the production and distribution companies, the information included in the sequence and the title its self.

0:00: start
0:02: appeared the famous mountain of Paramount
0:19: started the intro to the producers
0:22: introduced the film as a John Schlesinger film
0:24: the film actually starts and we can see old footage of the famous Ethiopian runner
0:46: the actors names appear
1:01: the title 'Marathon Man' slides across the middle of the screen
1:11: the names of the co-stars appear
1:19: the intro to the production team

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