Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Analysis of Inspiring title sequence (Donnie Darko)

Donnie Darko - Opening Sequence

Donnie Darko is a thriller which is of the sub genres psychological and surrealist and it's title sequence inspires me because the movie has a great opening sequence. In the opening scene what is on screen is a landscape view of a mountainous area at dawn and it has a calming effect on the audience but at the same time the non diegetic earry music makes us feel un easy so it is hard to feel completely safe when watching.
The camera starts off showing the area to set the scene then slowly closes up to a figure on the ground and a bike next to it, then a man wakes up from his sleep and smiles which is creepy considering where he is which makes the audience already ask questions. The music used is meant to make the audience feel uneasy and it does that. The title is written in a unique font and as soon as it comes on screen it is accompained by music which is startling and then it shows a burst of light which is a reccuring motif in the movie.

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