Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Title Sequence Analysis

In our group we were given the task of analysing the title sequence to the 1976 film Marathon Man. The main aim of the title sequence was to present key production and cast members as well as creating a suspenseful opening.

The clip opens with the production and distributions companies Paramount logo, which instantly promotes the popular company and lets the audience know who has produced the film. Next 'A John Schiesinger Film' comes up followed by thee names of the actors. at 0.24 seconds some footage is shown of an historical runner then at 1.01 minutes into the title sequence the actual title comes up. This shows that in this case the names of the actors and production company are thought higher than the title.
Following this there is more footage of the film shows from 1.11 - 1.24 until finally a list of the production team are shown until the ends which includes:
  • Co starring roles
  • Music composed and conducted
  • Production designer
  • Associate Producer
  • Director and Producer
The title sequence concludes after 3.02 minutes.

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