Monday, 31 January 2011

Thriller Research:

 Thrillers require a certain kind of audience, they don't appeal to a mass market- not all people enjoy watching thrillers. Stats for 2009 show that in the UK 503 films were released, of this only 31 were thrillers- this is only seventh from the bottom. Horror realeased only 29 however it made £60,228,063 in the box offices, the thriller genre produced 2 more films and made significantly less money than horror with only taking in £42,578,104 with Angels and Demons, Knowing & Harry Brown as its top three films.

Thrillers have become less popular over the years and I believe this is due to the fact more comedy and drama is being made and taking away the spotlight from a thriller. Drama films are becoming increasingly popular with Slumdog Millionaire, The Twighlight Saga and The curious case of benjamin button along with 173 others made £184,040,456. However, I feel Thrillers could easily climb to the top of the box office again and practicing making the opening of one will prepare us for that day.

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