Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Introduction to cameras

In the lesson we had a technician come in a give us a basic explanation on the do's and don'ts of how to use a camera for the best possible footage.

We learnt to:
  • make sure that we always film in manual focus NOT auto
  • how to put the camera on a tripod properly
  • not to touch or change and pre-set camera settings
  • how to adjust the focus on camera for the best quality picture
  • how to put in the battery and memory card and remove it correctly
  • that we should always shot five seconds of nothing to that it will be easier for us when we edit
  • not to zoom in while filming as it looks very bad 

We also learnt how to shoot successfully from high and low angles, how to pan and tilt on the tripod and off it, how to shoot over the shoulder shots; some of which we introduced that very day into our bag swap that we film.

example of a high angle shot which makes the men look vulnerable

example of a low angle shot which makes the subject look powerful
example of an over the shoulder shot as part of a conversation

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