Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Livetype & Soundtrack SKILLS

What Is Livetype?: LiveType is a software program developed by Apple along with many other editing programs, it enables people to create text which can be animated and designed in a way that completely suits what it is going to be added to or representing. In our case, it will be used on an opening to a thriller, using livetype we can design font specifically for our thriller. We can use many of the programs different effects, styles, animations or we can even keep it plain & simple, using this software will enable us to create the right font for the right atmosphere we want to create.

How Does It Work/ What I Learnt?: includes fonts, textures, objects, templates and effects. It works along side the editing software- Final cut pro, which we will also be using. We learnt how to customize fonts and add effects such as glow, bouncing, scrolling and even animated texts which can be taken from 'LiveFont' which is one of the programs main features.

What is soundtrack?: Soundtrack Pro 3 helps you edit and mix faster than ever, with new multitrack editing tools and easy ways to fix common audio problems. Whether you’re enhancing a single clip or crafting a feature-length soundtrack, you’ll find all the tools you need to create perfect sound for picture.

How Does It Work/What Did I Learn?: Soundtrack also works alongside Final Cut Pro, it has a range of professional features that can be used to create the perfect soundtrack or even audio track. This programme will enable us to create the perfect sound track or even sound effects for our thriller to make it as original as possible. We searched through the files and got a taste of how to use soundtrack. 

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