Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Introduction to cameras: SKILLS

In a lesson we were given a short tutorial on the new cameras that we would be using for our filming. We were shown the precautions we should take when filming, what to do and what not to do in order to create a successful piece. We began with some basic things such as:
  • How to place the camera on the Tripod properly and to remove it safely. As well as adjusting it and rotating.
  • How to shoot using the correct focus. Not auto but manuel.
  • How to hold the camera correctly, put the memory card in and remove it safely.
We then moved onto things we shouldnt do, such as zooming, we were advised it does not look very professuional and we shoudlt use it. We were also told to use the tripod for the majority of our shots to create stability unless panning or tracking. We also used learnt terminology such as canvas viewer, timeline, razor blade tool and live type sound. We were advised to wait shoot 5 seconds of nothing asit would make it easier to edit at the end. We learnt how to use different types of shots, such as high angle shots, medium close ups, over ther shoulder shtos etc and how to position the camera so the shot would look good. Also the skill to make action enter the frame rather than using the camera to following the actors.

The tutorial really helped me understand how to use the camera properly and the practicing will enable us to gain skills in order to produce a good quality opening to a thriller film.

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