Friday, 21 January 2011

Intro To Camera: SKILLS..

We had a tutorial on the camera's we would use in shooting our own thrillers, we learnt a lot of do's & dont's that will help us when we come to filming.

Shoot it manual rather than automatic and to make sure we focus before shooting. We also learnt the 5 a side rule, where we shoot nothing for 5 seconds then begin filming, and at the end of shooting we do the same- this will help us and give us an advantage when editing. We learnt how to focus and use different shots like high angle shots to show fear and low angle shots to show superiority. We learnt to try different shots to cut into a long scene to make it more interesting like, OTS and TWO SHOTS to show the expressions of characters. Oh, and the main DO is to make sure we actually have taken the lens cover off before trying to shoot.§

We were also told things not to do, like shooting in automatic as the quality is clearer in manual. We also learnt NOT TO ZOOM in a shot, as these shots look terrible once reached the editing stage. We were told to use the tripod for near enough every shot, unless we want to pan or track, but even then we should still take a few shots of the pan or track to make sure we have one which will be decent quality.

The into to camera's allowed me and my group to be introduced to different skills and techniques that will enable us to shoot good quality footage for our thriller.

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