Thursday, 10 February 2011

Thriller Review

During the holidays I watched the psychological thriller called Black Swan.
I thought this film was very inspiring for our thriller as it is of the same genre, psychological so I by watching this recent film I was able to see how suspense was created and noticed some of the camera shots which are effective.
Some camera angles that stood out to me the most was close up shots from behind. The camera seemed to follow the character constantly and was handheld so it was very shaky which created suspense. I felt as thought someone was following the camera by the view and the unstable shot made things seem uneasy and added lots of tension. Also the use of extreme close ups was very effective, it really created an uncomfortable image as the things shot close up were usually cuts on the characters body etc. I think these aspects of camera work really add to the suspense of a film and is definitely useful to me.

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