Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Thriller Planning

In planning our thriller, we put many ideas together and finally  decided on our main idea and how we were going to do it. We began to work out locations, keys props and how the story would be linked to eachother.

Here is a list of the key props we will be using in our film. We will also be using basic picnic things like a blanket and food also. We felt these props were most important though.

Here is a rough idea of our locations for each scene, we planned these well and think they are all suitable and easy locations, Hopefully there will not be much difficulty when filming in these places although we may need to ask for some permission before.

Here is a little outline of our idea, which is expressed better in out pitch. However, this is where we basically thought of the type of thriller we were doing and wrote down key information about how to develop our group idea. There are key words such as split screen, and chain mail in this draft.

We were also inspired by a french film called Mezrine - L'instinct De Mort which uses split screen in its title sequences. We have decided to adapt to this style and use it for our opening to effectively tell our story and grab our audiences attention.

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