Friday, 18 February 2011


This is the centre piece of the whole film and what the opening revolves around. We researched different types of chain messages like ones that had gruesome things attached to them but we felt that would be a bit too much so we decided to keep it normal. The ones people normally receive which say things like send this on to a certain amount of people in a certain amount of minutes or something bad will happen to you, was the kind message we where after. We chose this kind of message because people usually ignore them so we thought we would exaggerate it a bit more by including the 'disappear from this world' element.  

You are like a four leaf clover;
Hard to find and lucky to have...

Send this to 15 people in 5 minutes.. or you will pay for what you did, yourcomputerphonelaptop or whatever device you received this message on will turn off, and dissappear from 
this world like you...

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